Saturday, April 9, 2016

Moto-Taxis, Pink Trousers, and a Baptism


This last week was incredible! It was a week full of miracles.

First off, we were finally able to track down one of our investigators that was going to get baptized. She was really excited for her baptism and to be in the church, but the day before her baptism her work took her all the way out there do D.F., and since then we haven't managed to track her down. Then, Friday in the night, we had the distinct impression to pass by her house. There we found her, and she accepted a baptismal date for Sunday. In her baptism yesterday everyone felt the Spirit very strongly. Myrna has suffered a lot to be able to get to the point where being baptized is something that she wants to do, but finally getting there made it all worth it. She is very happy.

Secondly, we found another miracle on Wednesday. We had the appointment to go eat lunch with a member, but the member called us last minute and canceled the food. We were hungry, tired, and looking for something to eat, and then felt the impression to go with a certain recent convert that lives close to our house. When we got there we found the sister with one of her friends. Her friend is named Julieta, and is a member of the church. As we were talking with Julieta we discovered that she lives in our area. And that she hasn't been to church in 22-25 years. She just got divorced from her ex-missionary husband to whom she was sealed. As we were talking with her, she mentioned that she had a 13 year old son that wasn't a member. We met him, starting teaching them in her house, and the son, Ian, is going to be getting baptized this Sunday! They went to General Conference on Saturday and yesterday, and also went to Myrna's baptism. Woo!

And, on top of all that, I was finally able to work a lot out with my relationship with my companion. During the whole conference I felt like what I needed to do was try harder to demonstrate charity and tell him that I love him. After the conference we still weren't getting along, so when we got to the house I sat us down and we began to talk openly about what was going on. During the talk I felt inspired to tell him how much I want to be really good friends and how much I want to be able to help enjoy his mission as much as possible. And Elder Lara opened up. There was a lot that he was struggling with that I had no idea, simply because he didn't ever say anything. I am so grateful for the Spirit that we felt. After much consolation we went back to work, but able to work much better together. We are doing great now. :)

In the conference I learned a lot. My favorite talks were Pres. Nelson's talk in the Priesthood Session on Priesthood Power. I really want to increase my priesthood power and understanding. That will be one of the focuses of my personal studies this week. :) I also loved Elder Holland's talk yesterday. The General Conferences have always been sacred to me, and I couldn't have said it better than him. When we have celestial moments in our lives, when the hand of heaven clasps my hand here on earth in perfect fellowship, it is so hard to always realize that those moments come to an end. Just like the mission does. I will make the most of every moment that I have left.

And a pidgeon pooped on my only long-sleeved shirt as I walked under a tree. ... I guess that it "is precise that there must needs be an opposition in all things..." Haha. The pidgeons here are evil. I will condemn them all in the Final Judgment.

Love all of you to bits! And if you see a pidgeon shake your fist at it angrily for me. :)

Elder Kennington

Preguntas Bien Rapidito
Q:  Did you get to watch General Conference this weekend or will you have to wait for it?
A:  We got to watch it! I loved it!! I never expected a General Authority, let alone Elder Holland, share a meme in General Conference... XD

Q:  What was the biggest blessing from this past week?
A:  ... There were three! The miracle of finding Myrna and being able to help her get baptized was enourmous. It was also wonderful to be able to start reactivating and baptizing a wonderful mother and son. And a gigantic blessing to finally have my companions heart opened and softened so I know how to help him and help him to become the best missionary he can be. :) It was also a huge blessing that we recieved our monthly deposit. I was feeling rather poor. :)

Q:  WHAT DID YOU DO ABOUT YOUR TROUSERS????? Do you need $$ for new pants?
A:  Haha, I have them dry hanging up in my closet, pink as ever. :) Haha. I think the trousers that I have will last me out through these last 3 months, don't worry about it! :) I'm ok on that front!

Here is the story of the trousers from a week ago:

 I accidentally got chlorine on one of my favorite pair of pants, which completely discolored them. So I bought some dyes to try and put them back to their original color. I first had to take all the color out, and then re-dye them. First off, the dye reeked like heck. Think back to Harry Potter 1 when Petunia is dye-ing (no idea how to spell that anymore) Harry's new "school uniform." It honest to goodness smells like rotten eggs. Bleh.  

#1- After the complete discoloration  
#2- After trying to dye them back to their original gray. I swear to you that the dye was NOT pink. I even checked the package. But somehow they just finished pink. ... Harrumphf.

One of the many forms of transport here in México is by moto-taxi. You know how they have those attatchments for bicicles so that fathers can take their kids bycicling with them without making them tired. Just take a few pipes and sauder them together, put a tarp over it all and then fasten the whole lot to the back of a dirtbike and you have a moto-taxi. This is a really poor foto from inside of one. Through the little plastic window you can vaguely see the driver, and then the little door. They´re fun. :)

 Elder Lara is tired. :)

The baptism of Myrna