Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hot Week for Baptisms and Chiles

This last week was phenomenal. We spent it running around getting everything ready for the baptism of the Cordova Perez Family, but it was well worth the work. This beautiful family has been prepared so well by the Lord to be members of His kingdom here on earth, and I am so happy to see them so happy.

We are working very hard right now with a mom and her son, Marta y Noe. They both have baptismal dates for this next week and are very excited; we are only worried about Noe. He has to leave almost every weekend to go take his kids with their mom (he is divorced), and she lives in D.F. We are hoping and praying that everything goes well. This is another little family that has been extremely well prepared by the Lord. They have their hermanamiento*, the bishopric knows them, and they are doing great all around.

We have another guy named Nathaniel that is doing well. He is the 18 year old boyfriend of a member, so we were a little skeptical at first as to the depth of his interest. As things turns out, he is extremely interested, and loves to learn about the gospel. We have a few weeks working with him. He has a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and says himself that he wants to get baptized. We are hoping that he could also make it for this Sunday, but it all depends on whether or not his dad makes him come on this forever-long vacation with the family.

Elder Fjerstad and I are doing extremely well. We work well together, with an awesome balance of working and having fun. In between finding new investigators and trying out new mexican recipes in the house after we are done planning, I have been very happy these last two changes; happier, I believe, than I have ever been in my mission.

There is also this chile we just discovered called the chile Miracielo. And Elder Fjerstad and I ate the thing raw. It is spicier than an habanero and the most delicious thing on the face of the planet.

I love you all! :D
Elder Kennington

*Mom note:  Google Translate has let me down.  It translates this as "twinning" but I am guessing he means "visiting teachers."

Preguntas Bien Rapidito
Q: How is the safety in your area? Kyle Thompson was saying Chamapa was actually a rather scary place.
A: There are a couple colonies here where we don't go after night, but apart from that where we are at is ok. :) We live in this tiny little gated privada, which is plenty secure. Haha... Chamapa was a lot of fun... It was very sketchy out there, but nothing ever happened to me. The only good story I have is where they crucified people as part of the Holy Week celebrations and with their crucifiction and road to Golgotha reinactment.

Q: Are there scary things you are not telling me so I don’t worry? You had better tell me! It won’t make me worry because I know the Lord is watching out for you; He is a much powerful guardian of your safety than I ever could be.
A: Nope! I still haven't gotten jumped, robbed, or anything like that. Last night we were out a little late in Santiago Miltepec, which gets a little sketchy after dark. We had this guy that was high on PVC glue that was wandering around shouting swear words and beating the tar out of this litte puppy he had. But he didn't touch the gueros. :)

Q: How are the juntas going? Do you feel like you are getting more comfortable conducting them? 
A: I feel like they are gettign better every time. The hard thing at first is that I didn't have lots of experience with talking in front of lots of people before the mission. Everytime I was in front of lots of people it was with a little fancy chunk of wood that made cool sounds, which is a heck of a lot easier in my opinion. :)

Funny Mom observation here.  Elder Kennington can stand very close to his companion or other male members of the church, but he subconsciously stands quite a bit further away from the sisters!

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