Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mamas Rely on Loving Members

There was never any question in my mind about sending Owen on his mission.  I was thrilled by his desire and worthiness to serve.  He has grown in so many ways being in Mexico, serving and sacrificing.  Still, as his mother I miss him terribly.  That has never eased, although I thought it would.  When members reach out to our missionary children, feed them, love them, and look after them in their mothers' absence, it makes this missionary mom's heart full.  It is extra thrilling when those members make the effort to share photos and experiences with the missionary mom.  The Garcia family in Elder Kennington's current district have reached out to me and shared extra tidbits I wouldn't otherwise get about how my amazing son is doing.  I love them.  Here is what they shared this week:

Brother Garcia said:  "Hello.  Today we got to do sushi.  Here is the evidence he is learning to make sushi:"
Come on Elder Kennington! It's going to be tasty!

Elder Costello looks just a little *too* happy about that knife!

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