Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Elder OK Checks In

Today Owen entered the MTC in Provo, Utah.  He is so excited and so ready to go serve. We met Justin at Village Inn for a last piece of pie as a family. Owen was too keyed up to have anything except a lemonade. We drove up to the Provo Temple to take a few last pictures and to say our final good-byes because there is not time for that at the MTC curb. We met another couple with their youngest son also taking a picture on the east side of the temple. He is going to Montreal Canada on his mission, French-speaking. We traded taking family pictures for a moment.

The Drop Off was so efficient and organized. There are MTC staff and missionaries every few feet, on both sides of the drive. Along the sidewalk are numbered signs where families pull up to be greeted by a missionary host. Justin and I got out of the car with Owen to help him pull out his suitcases, give him a last hug, and watch him be escorted down the sidewalk. Four minutes and we were pulling away from the curb.

He is going to be so missed here at home, but he is where he is supposed to be and he is anxious to begin his service to the Lord.

The priesthood brethren who set Owen apart as a missionary.

Goofing off at Village Inn

Got the satchel...

...last hug from Dad... the suitcases....

....and he's off.
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