Saturday, August 9, 2014

The First Day

As far as first days go, it was really good! My apartment is great; six Elders in it, each companionship with their own room. My companion is Elder Lofgreen and he's great! He was very quiet for most of the day, but he's opening up a bit by now (it's evening). He's tall, slender, with four years of Spanish under his belt and a favorite school course of Chemistry.

The thing that has struck me most today is just how much I have to learn. I don't understand a lick of Spanish, am having a hard time comprehending my schedule, but already thoroughly enjoying myself all the same. Please pray for my ability to learn the language. I wanna speak Spanish but all that comes out is French!!

The Spirit is so powerful here it's intoxicating. Surrounded by super stoked missionaries all with a similar passion for the gospel...WOW! I can hardly believe just how focused the atmosphere is. I love it.

...Well...As it is the first day, and I'm supposed to be in bed soon, I'm gonna have to wrap up this letter now. I can type faster than I can write.  :)  Details about everyone in my dorm, the district/zone, and all others to follow!!

I love you all very, very much, and I miss you already. Dad, Mom and Bronwyn both cried so you lost the bet and owe me money. :)  Hope you're all ok!!!!

Elder Kennington

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