Monday, December 15, 2014

A Short Note in Which He Wanders In and Out of Spanish

This will be short again because time doesn't exist in the mission. Haha.

First off, being halfway through December without snow and this kind of warmth is seriously throwing me off. It is super hot in the middle of the day, and then even colder in the night and morning. I am pretty certain that there is some sort of chemical reaction between the cold and my blanket in the mornings because each morning my blanket weighs a TON ... Haha.

Things are good here. We are working on a new plan of attack, and are hoping that we are met with more success. We are going to focus on working with the *Miembros Menos Activos porque es mucho mas facil por encontrarlos y ayudarlos a ir a la capilla. Por medio ellos esperamos que podamos encontrar mas personas por ensenar y traer a un conicimiento de la Iglesia.

**Pues, Elder Thompson es lo mejor, la verdad. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him so far this week. Having an American companion, I didn't realize how much of a habit that Spanish had become. It made me pretty happy. Spanish is coming much more quickly now.

We have one guy we are teaching Jairo. He is 22 and great. We found him just before the ***cambio and he came to church without any prodding or searching, completely on his own. We talked with him after church, and then didn't see him all week. We went to find him yesterday morning (Sunday) at his house to come to church, but he wasn't there. In fact, none of our investigators were. We were a little sad as we headed to church without any people, and then were shocked to find out that he had beat us to the chapel, with a Book of Mormon. I am so excited for our appointment with him this week.

Life is good. I love the mission. Five stars. Woooo!
Ta ta!
Elder Kennington

*We are going to focus on working with the Less Active Members because it is much easier to find them and help them go to the chapel.  Through them we hope we can find more people to teach and bring a conicimiento of the Church.

**Well, Elder Thompson is the best, really.


Preguntas Mas Rapido
Q:  How big is your zone? How many elders and sisters? What geographic area?
A:  Our zone is actually pretty small. 16 hermanas and 8 elders. Geographically about 10 square miles.

Q:  Who was the family you went to the train station with? It seems you have a lot of pictures with the same family.
A:  The same member family. We visit them about every two nights because they live super close, need a lot of help. No one else wants to talk when it is dark. They are afraid. This family is just plain fun. I love 'em to bits. They are converts of just a few months.

Q:  How often does the gas go out in your apartment? Have you been electrocuted yet by putting an IRON IN THE WATER??? The iron you use to iron your clothes? (Your mom seriously face-palmed herself when she realized what you were doing...)
A:  No, that was another iron that was used only for this purpose. A member lent it to us. It worked wonderfully. Haha....Please don't kill me.... :)

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