Monday, December 1, 2014

Espanol es Esta Apoderando (Spanish is Taking Over)

[Mom Note:  Owen randomly switches into Spanish half way through his message. Google Translate did an amusing job, and I am not certain of its accuracy. For example, I am pretty sure they didn't have any baptisms this transfer...]

This will be rather short for today because we are really short on time. Last P Day of this exchange, and we had lots to do! Crazy that six weeks are already up here.

La verdad, no quiero irme. Me gusta muchísimo esta area, y tenemos muchos investigadores bueno. La única cosa de que estoy un pocito triste es que no tuvimos la oportunidad por bautizar en este cambio. Elder Medina es fantástico; le disfrute muchísimo. Tuvimos mucho éxito con los miembros menos activos en este area, entonces no perdíamos nuestro tiempo.

[From Google Translate: I really do not want to leave. I like a lot this area, and we have many good researchers. The only thing that I'm a sad little well is that we had the opportunity to baptize in this change. Elder Medina is fantastic; will enjoy a lot. We had great success with the less active members in this area, so we did not lose our time.]

Tuvimos cambios (We held exchanges) this Thursday in the entire zone for one day, and my companion for the day was Elder Palacios. He has 22 months in the mission and is extremely tired; notwithstanding, he is an incredible elder. I learned a ton from him.

I learned a lot about being more direct and strong in my contacts and when I extend a commitment to an investigator. I have been afraid to offend, but I have learned better. Everyone here in Mexico really really needs our message, but rarely do they have any idea just how much.  Consequently, they are not likely going to jump out of their chair to keep any commitments we extend. I think this will help me a lot with the success that we have been missing for so long.

That is about all for now.... Know I love you all so much.  That I pray for you every night.
Elder Kennington

Preguntas Mas Rapido
Q:  Do you get any sense of whether you will stay in Toluca for the next transfer? Does President Whitehead seem to move people around frequently?
A:  I am thinking that I am going to stay. Pres. Whitehead moves people a lot. Elder Medina has two transfers here now, so I think that he will be headed out....Sniffle. Can't believe that transfers are next week.

Q: When does Mexico start the Christmas holiday push?
A:  Mexico started the Christmas push about twenty days ago.... And I thought that the Americans were excited for Christmas. What Mexico lacks in snow it makes up for enthusiasm for Christmas.

Q:  Any plans for a mission-wide Christmas celebration of some kind?
A:  Ummmm... 24 of December we watch movies as a Zone (stuff from Disney and the like), eat pizza, and play soccer. Stoked for that. :)

This is what all of my area looks like

Our zone on exchanges

Elder Medina steps behind the camera to capture our zone

Also, a house with a ton of fantastic colors that I loved. :):) I want a house like this!!

A fantastic family that is recent converso, y sus hijos les gustan muchisimo los Legos tambien. :):)
[a recent convert family whose sons love Legos!]

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