Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Elder Kennington and a Newbie Companion

Esta semana que ya paso fue lokisimo. Ayayay!! 

Pues, ya tuvimos los cambios. Elder Taylor su fue a un area se llama El Oro. Esta cerca Michoacan. Y yo me quede. Y con quien? Tal vez teine un poco de curiosidad porque yo no wrote this past Monday*. It is because I spent all of this last Monday in President's house. Why? Because I am now training again! This missionary as new as it gets. His name is Elder Gavilla, de Vera Cruz**. He strikes me as a good elder with lots of willingness to work. I am very excited to see what this change contains. Also a little stressed. This is a huge responsibility. I can only imagine how Elder Lanza felt training a new missionary who didn't even understand a thing he was saying, and opening a new area. My respect for him, which was already sky high, shot up even more. I will send photos next week. 

Because it was Monday I went to get a haircut and the woman there asked me what I wanted. And I told her the same the I always say. She nodded, said yeah she could do it, and then in 45 seconds gave me the shortest buzz cut of my life. I look like an escaped prison inmate trying to pose as a missionary. It is so short I couldn't do the line for my hair (I didn't realize how much I had grown to love that line, by the way). Mom, do you remember how that electric razor you gave me for my 18th birthday had a trimming attatchment on the back? Yep. You know exactly where that went. I had my new hijo [companion] put a line in my hair with that. Fortunately the line looks good. Everything else? I have seriously considered wearing a paper bag over my head with two holes cut out for my eyes. :P 

Bad haircuts aside, we saw a miracle this last week with Elder Taylor. When I was back in the MTC in Provo we had to go up to the Mexican Consulate for to start our visas. When I was there I tried talking with a couple of the workers, but unsuccessfully because I didn't speak Spanish and they didn't speak English. But I remembered one of them; an hermana that tried hard too. 

Now, fastforwarding about 8 months. We were walking in the street and this woman honked her horn and gestured to us to come over. We did. And I immediately recognized this woman from the Consulate back in SLC Utah. Yup. She remembered me personally. We talked for real this time. Her name is Areli, and she will be here for about five more weeks. Apparently she got to Chamapa the same time that I did. And she will be here for this transfer before she goes back to Utah. And she listened to us and invited us in to give the message of the Restauracion. Which went extremely well. She is so incredible. She even has photos of the Salt Lake City temple on her fridge. 

To quote The Incredibles: "Coincidence? I think NOT!" 

We are very excited to be working with her. 

Gotta run now. Thank you all so much for the love and support that you constantly send my way. If you could make sure to keep my investigators in your prayers it would mean the world to me. I love you all! 

 Hasta luego! 
 Elder Kennington 

* Translation:  "This was week was really crazy! Ayayay.  First of all we had transfers.  Elder Taylor was transferred to an area called El Oro.  It is in Michoacan.  And I stayed behind. But with whom?!  I'll bet you're wondering why I didn't write on Monday." 

**Translation:  "Elder Gavilla, from Vera Cruz." 

 Missionary photos. Last Zone meeting photos. Good stuff. The majority of the misisonaries that you see have less time than I do. This Zone was really young.

Preguntas Bien Rapidito
Q:  Are there church hymns you sing often on Sundays in Spanish that are not in our English version of the hymn book? 
A:  Not really There are one or two that we sing sometimes that aren't. There are only 209 hymns in the Spanish Hymnbook. 

Q:  Did you listen to General Conference in Spanish or English? Were the two Spanish-speaking brethren dubbed on the Sunday afternoon session? 
A:  I got to see it in English. It was so so cool!! :D 

Q:  Where do you go shopping if your little local street mercado doesn’t have what you need? 
A:  Ummm... We make do... It is the only place we have in our area. :) We have to travel about 1 hour outside the area if we wanna go to the bank. 

Q:  What do most people in Chamapa do for a living? 
A:  They do everything from drive taxis and combos (Volkswagons) to selling food in the street. For the most part it is a very humble part of the city, another blessing for which I am very grateful! Their work schedules are crazy, so helping them get to church is often quite the trick. :)

Missionary photos. Last Zone meeting photos. Good stuff. The majority of the missionaries that you see have less time than I do. This Zone was really young.

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