Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Elder Zombie Kennington

This week was a party. We worked our tails off working with some of our investigators. A couple weeks back we started working with a man named Hector and his family, and they are wonderful. They love us to bits, and we always look forward to visiting them. Due to some past bad experiences with some Jehovah's Witness missionaries they weren't too keen to let us in, let alone come to church, but this week they will be coming to church for the first time. And Hector has almost completely kicked the smoking habit that he has had for 35 years. The secret? He picks up the Book of Mormon every time he gets the desire to smoke. Another testimony that it is a book inspired by God with the purpose of blessing the lives of God's children. If you haven't read it within the last 24 hours I recommend that you pick it up and see what God would like to say to you.

This Sunday was a little interesting. I had spent Saturday night sick as all get out, so when it came time to get ready to go the following morning I think a zombie could have dressed himself better. But we got out to door, got some good contacts, and then half an hour later had to dash to a member's house to borrow the bathroom. :) Kept this up through the whole day, but that didn't stop us from enjoying a junta* (forgot how to say that in English) with the ward. The ward is really struggling with each person being anxiously engaged in his calling, so one of the stake councilors was there for the junta. Everyone left with their eyebrows a little singed, but with high hopes for the progress of the work of the Lord here in this ward. :) We got home, and I had one of the best sleeps that I have had in my entire mission. :) Twas heavenly.

Eso fue todo para esta semana. Elder Gavilla esta bien. Trabajando muy duro y aprendiendo mucho. Estoy agradecido por su humildad. Nos va muy bien. Hasta luego! Les amo muchisimo, y espero que esta semana sea la mejore.**

Con amor
Elder Kennington

*Junta = literally "board or assembly."  Probably like a gathering, conference, or something.
** "That's all for this week. Elder Gavilla is great. Working hard and learning a lot. I am grateful for his humility. We get along very well. Hasta luego! I love you all a lot, and I hope that this week is the best."

Preguntas Bien Rapidito
Q:  Tell me more about Elder Gavilla and his family background.
A:  He is from Veracruz, and was born to a member family. His grandma was the first convert.

Q:  What comments have you gotten about your hair this week?
A:  Just about everything... :p Haha. I got asked by a person that I contacted in the street if I was really just undercover military scouting out the area... :)

A:  ... Ok... :p

Q:  Okay, #3 wasn’t really a question. Here is one: Where will you go now for a haircut?
A:  I don't know. I think if I wanted a better one I would blindfold my companion and give him an Exacto knife. Yeah. I think I'll do that.

Q:  What is your Chamapa apartment like? Send pictures?
A:  It is bigger than the one in Toluca and very nice. Two bathrooms (no idea how we managed to score that) and easy to keep clean. Love it.

Q:  What would you like me to include more of in my letters to you, both snail and digital?
A:  More news about what is going on back home with everyone. Just out of pure curiosity. Like what you did this week? The list of tidbits? Loved it. Everyone in the world back home is getting married. O.o

Q:  Which specific investigators would you like us to pray for?
A:  Maria Ines ( an new investigator from this week whose dad is a self-described retired Mormon), Lupita and her family, and Hector and his family.

Q:  What brand of hair gel do you use?
A:  It is called Ego. It smells nice. :)

The trainers picking up their greenies from the mission home.  Elder Kennington is in the back on the right side.

This is from me, the Mom.  I'm not counting or anything about how many Sundays until it's Mother's Day and I get to talk to my missionary!

The new companionship! Elder Kennington and Elder Gavilla, obviously taken before the Haircut of Doom.

The Haircut of Doom!  I wonder what the shaved-in part looks like...

Elder Kennington's apartment

The kitchen looks a little sparse in the cooking appliances department to this mom.

One last apartment picture.

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