Friday, June 19, 2015

A Cure for the Lonesome Blues (It's Not Meeting Tony Stark)

Hey there!

This week was really good. We worked very hard trying to finish up all of our office work early so that we could have more time to work in the field, and were met with a lot of success.

It has been interesting to see the relation between how I am doing vs how much I am working in my area. Monday and Tuesday Elder Goodrich and I were really wrapped up in the training of the new secretary that is going to take his place (chisme spilled! :D), so the time that we had to work in our proselyting area was rather short. And those nights the most depressed that I have been since I got to the offices. Then last night I worked like a madman and then dragged everyone else out the door early, and we got to go work. And it fixed everything. It was so... elating. I didn't realize just how much I love this work, and how much I miss it when I am not doing it. I am loath to go back home each night, and cannot wait until the beginning of the next day.

And despite the reduced proselyting time we have been met with a lot of success! Our best investigator right now would be Araceli. She works taking care of an older gentleman who now cannot take care of himself. She is wonderful. She just came to church for the first time this last Sunday (Where she made friends with the wife of our mission president. Yes we are in his ward. :):)). She almost cried with excitement when she gave her a Book of Mormon. She has a baptismal date for the fifth of July.

We found a couple of families yesterday that we are working on teaching and commiting to church so their progress can really begin. They are good, but very shy and tentative about us. They have potential to progress. I am excited for them. We are also teaching a couple right now that live with some members. They live together in an union libre. The husband wants to get married, but he doesn't want to get baptized. The wife wants to get baptized, but doesn't want to get married. ... We are putting in a lot of love and effort there. :)

For P Day we got to go to a wax museum in the Zone Tacubaya (where Elder Thompson is currently serving). It was really cool, and a lot of fun. They had all sorts of famous statues and people, and a lot of the Mexican culture. Movie actors, leaders of various countries, all the way to a little spook-alley thing full of all sorts of horror film characters. Twas fun. :) I would refer to to the pictures. One of my favorite parts was this little maze where all of the walls were just mirrors, making it impossible to tell where the path led, and whether we were walking towards the exit or another wall. I took a video so you could get a little bit of an idea.

And finally, Elder Goodrich is finishing his time as Financial Secretary, and will be heading out for his new area next Monday. I am really excited for him, and also really excited for my new companion, Elder Lowe. He is from Layton Utah, and plays the piano super well. It is going to be great working with him. And I will miss Elder Goodrich quite a bit. I have learned a LOT from him. 

Gotta sign off for now. Hope that you are all doing well, and that life is being enjoyed and lived to the maximum.

Love you all!
Elder Kennington

No Preguntas Bien Rapidito came through this week, but we have quite a few pictures! And here is a  tidbit from our exchange of emails yesterday:

On eating more healthy:
I am doing my best to stay healthily. I am eating well. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any more beetles. I did find horse and dog tacos though. And realized that I had had them many times before out there in Michoacán. :) They were pretty good. Not as good as the cow stomach, which wasn't as good as the enchiladas, which is almost as good as the mole, but doesn't even come close to carnitas. :) Haha. I love the food here.  The cow stomach was boiled in water and vegetables. And it made this nice little broth. It was actually pretty good. The texture got to me a little bit. Though not as badly as Bill Cosby's voice in my mind saying "Ain't no food down in THAT area..." :)

Hey look! I am taller than Toulouse-Lautrec.

Steve Jobs

Gettin' down with the leader of the free world

Mr. Putin putting out creepy vibes

Will & Kate??! Oh my heck!

I didn't know the Beatles were a quintet. I guess Elder Kennington forgot his jacket.  And matching tie.

El luchador.  Lucha libre is a pretty big sport in Mexico.
Find out a little bit more about lucha libre from the BBC here.


"Harry, my companion over there has something for you."

Apparently it doesn't bother guys to find someone wearing their same tie...

Tony Stark and Co.

He thinks he's a got a cool tool belt? Ha. He doesn't even have a Book of Mormon. Or  an awesome name tag.

The mission offices.

Elder Kennington on the middle row, far left.

This must be Elder Lowe, Elder Kennington's next companion. Is it just me or is Elder K's hair getting shorter?

Elder Lowe, Elder Goodrich, and Elder Kennington. Must be zone conference.

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