Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Elder Kennington Excuses His Random Writing Days...

Note from the Mom:  Since Elder Kennington is now working in the mission office his P Day is very random and I never know when I am going to hear from him.  I had been getting after him for living on ramen and cold cereal, so here is his note about that:

Hey mom! 

This week is going really really well! We are super swamped with work, with the changes that we had this week. Holy cow!! I have never been so busy before in my life!! :D 

I will be writing, at the very latest, this Friday. And I will be writing you a novel. With chapters and everything. Here is an excerpt: 

"And it came to pass that Elder Kennington did not consume ramen for a week. And there was much rejoicing in the land, as the scourge of cheap-and-easy was taken from the land. And Elder Kennington did choose to eat of quesadillas and yoghurt, and he was much blessed. And it came to pass that Elder Kennington did send a letter to his family speaking of said event, and, with all of his heart, did wish for them a fabulicious week. Amen. " 
                           -Book of Kennington 4:25 

 Will be writing you very soon with a more satisfactory email! I love you so much. :):) 

Elder Kennington

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