Sunday, August 9, 2015


It has been an interesting week.

Our best investigator family that is progressing is doing really well! The Juarez Jacinto family. They just came to church for the first time yesterday and loved it! They have baptismal dates for the 30th. We are very excited for them. They are smart, inquisitive, very faithful, and absolute explosions of energy. :)

The other family we have is a little struggling; We are thinking about giving them more time. One day the mom is super incredible, keeping all the commitments, and excited for our next visit. The following day she is shouting at us from her window about Satan and all that great stuff... .Haha. If I wasn't so concerned about helping her and her beautiful family I would have been laughing... We have high hopes for her kids, at least. They seem like they could be really good. Three teenage boys; 19 18 and 16 years old. They say they want to come to church this next Sunday.

Elder Puca and I are doing really well. He got put as district leader and he has been struggling a lot with being a strong, proactive decision maker. And he is beating that struggle quite well. I really respect him a lot. He is very hard working and very obedient. He reminds me a bit of the Elder that was talked about in this last conference who wasn't the strongest teacher or the most universally applauded missionary, but one of the most Christlike people I've met. I am so happy for the chance that I have to work with him!

This ward is very excited about the work. I have never been in such a missionary ward before. We are preparing a ward activity for this following Saturday where we are going to do a mini MTC for the youth, and President Whitehead, Hermana Whitehead, and the assistants are going to come and support. ... No pressure at all, eh? :)

Anyway, I think that about wraps it all up for now. I love you all so much! Thank you for everything that you do. Hope you have an incredible week.

Elder Kennington

Preguntas Bien Rapidito
Q:  You sent pictures with three different elders who could be Elder Puca. Which one is he?! 
A:  He is the short Argentinian one. ... The only one with a gafete. (Gafete = "badge" or "name tag")

Q:  Everyone on the MCWMM Facebook page was wondering who the other missionaries are in the photo where you are standing with one other elder and three sisters in front of a church building. Who are they and what/where is the building? 
A:  OH. OK. The Elder with me is Elder Greig (who is a Shakespeare addict as well... :):) ), and the three other sister missionaries that we had in our district. Hermana Alvarenga, Hermana Vega, y Hermana Hardy. (We moms share pics our missionaries send when they have other missionaries in them so maybe their moms will be able to see them) 

Q:  What are Mexican desserts like? Is flan popular there? 
A:  Flan is super popular here! The desserts are a lot less sweet here. I must admit. I miss a real cake with mint frosting! Oh. That is another thing that doesn't exist here. Mint. And here Jello is consumed only as a dessert food, as opposed to a part of the actual meal. 

Q:  How has your health been? Have you generally avoided stomach or intestinal yuck? 
A:  Yep! My health has been really good over the past little while. I have started doing some good exercise each morning, and I think that is helping. Also I am finally completely adjusted to the food. ... I love spicy. :):) Favorite chilis? Manzano y Habenero. 

Q:  Is Haciendas/Sauces district in the same zone as Universidad? 
A:  Yep!!! We are about forty minutes away from Universidad here. I am working on getting permission to go over there to visit my converts and see how Jairo is doing. This zone is Toluca. 

Q:  Why is Haciendas nicknamed “Sauces”? 
A:  The area here is called Sauces (Pronounced Saooses), and that is the name of the district that we are in.

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