Monday, September 29, 2014

A Dunk, a Drunk, and a Birthday


Elder Kennington has leveled up! He is now level 19. Plus 1 Spirituality, plus 3 Spanish, and other normal stat bonuses.

But seriously, things here are fantastic, and my birthday was loaded with wonderful experiences. 

Firstly, I had my first baptism yesterday!! It was absolutely incredible. His name is Crisanto, he is about 75 years old, mostly deaf in one ear and completely so in the other. He practically leapt in to the baptismal font. This incredible man has spent his life devoted to following the example of Christ, and when he found out there was more that he could do he got so excited he could hardly stand it. :):)

Pictures will hopefully come too. We shall see if the computer cooperates. 

Small funny experience too... Elder Lanza and I were walking (nothing new there. ;) ) to an appointment when we happened upon two old ladies beating up a drunk guy. From what we could make out the drunk guy had tried to hit one of them, and, judging by what was in front of us, he bit off way more than he could chew... Though beating up is a strong word for rolling around on the ground pulling each other’s hair, the drunk guy was still losing badly... The women said that they were ok without our help, and left the guy panting upside down in a clump of grass. Priceless.

The things I am learning here are blowing my mind! I feel like I have grown so much from last week alone. The only thing that I feel is really holding me back right now is my ability with Spanish. I have so much I want to say and do, and about eight words to do it in. I love the people, and for now my actions and smile will have to do all the talking. Thank heavens so much of communication is nonverbal. :) 

I am out of time for this email (we have even less time than usual because we had zone conference today...) so I need to wrap up.

I love the Gospel. I love missionary work. Please, if you have anyone that you know who isn’t a member and needing help (which is more people than not, I am finding), reach out to them. Show them you love them and want to help. And, if it is right, try and bring them to the church.

I love you all so much, and pray for you always. Thank you for your continued love and support! Every bit means the world to me. 

Ta ta!
Elder Kennington

Don’t have much time answers to your questions

1. Cooking: Do you cook for yourselves? How/on what do you cook because it didn’t look like there was a stove or anything in your apartment picture. What do you eat?
Cooking, we don’t. :) Not enough time! We eat cold cereal in the mornings and then the members feed us gigantic lunches, so dinner isn’t needed. :)

2. What is the village like? Is it far from Zitacuaro? Is it like a little suburb or something? Or is “suburb” implying something still too big?
Village, it is mountainous and tiny. The downtown part of the city is about the size of our neighborhood, max.... It is big, but sparsely populated.

3. How is the laundry thing working out for you?
The laundry thing is still being figured out....

4. How long has Elder Lanza been out? Where in Honduras is he from? Did you know we have a neighbor from Honduras?
Elder Lanza is in his 18th month.  He is incredible!!

5. Were you able to bake your birthday cake? Or did you just make the batter and eat it? (I had sent a cake mix with him to make his birthday cake)
I am going to just make the batter and then eat the cake, cause we don’t have an oven. :):)

6. What is grocery shopping like there? Or any shopping at all?

We go grocery shopping in Zitacuaro, about an hour away. It’s fun!! Not much time!! D: Looks like the computer won’t work for pictures today. Maybe next time. Oh. Tentative release date for my mission is July 18th, 2016. Thought you might like to know. :):):):)

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