Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Humble Pie and Conference

I have eaten a lot of humble pie this week, so the cake I had last week was a little redundant. :) 

As always the Spanish is proving to be a major challenge for me, as I try to figure out what is going on and why. Much of what I am doing right now is following Elder Lanza’s lead. I am doing my best to not become frustrated, and am learning a lot about patience and humility though, so it is not being wasted. 

Thank heavens for General Conference. I hope that everyone who reads this was able to listen to conference and the inspired messages thereof. I especially hope that everyone was able to hear President Monson talk about the Bismark. If I have learned one thing from the mission so far, it is that even the tiniest changes in direction, mentally emotionally and spiritually, have gigantic impacts. Most of the temptations and challenges that the Adversary drops in our path are not intended to stop us in our tracks. In fact, rarely will that happen. What he will do, and almost always does, is lay little pebbles in the path of the boulder, so as to slightly divert its trajectory. 
For me, most of these pebbles take the form of a thought. It is almost always very small. Something that bugs me that I want to dwell on about my companion or the mission, or simply a thought that is telling me that I can’t do something or that something is hard. I need to be careful to not give these thoughts much place, because they will always take root and always grow quickly.

I’m out of time for this email, but I have enough time to tell you all that I love you. I pray for you. Thank you so much for your example, love, and support for me. Every bit means the world to me. Really. If you get the chance, I would highly encourage you to watch or listen or read the General Conference talks. Exhort would be a good word. :)

Thanks again. I love you.

Elder Kennington

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