Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Investigators Cometh and Investigators Goeth

Phew! It is a huge relief to be able to sit down and write to all of my favorite people! This week has been crazy full of walking and hiking... I am convinced that when I leave the mission field I am going to have the body of Apollo. Haha. I wouldn't complain.

We have two new investigators right now, but investigator is kind of a strong word. We have befriended the two town drunks, and they both started trying to quit alcohol. The thing that made me smile to myself when we were first getting to know them we found out their names are Jesus and Moses. Perfect for two drinking buddies, I guess. :)  They are fantastic though. We even had Moses at church yesterday, which was fantastic.

Unfortunately this week had a couple disappointments too...  We have spent a lot of time in San Bartolo, which is a neighboring town of Crescencio Morales (where our apartment is). We had three families out there that are fantastic. Unfortunately, however, we lost one of them Saturday because they decided the pamphlets conflicted with the Bible... Shortly thereafter one of our investigators with a baptismal date for this Sunday back out to. We haven't been able to figure out what happened there yet. The area that Elder Lanza and I are working in is brand new though, never had missionaries, so these setbacks are not extremely surprising. Heck, that is a mission in a nutshell.

Also part of a mission though, is a huge amount of success and joy. No matter what happens each day I go to bed happy as all get out and excited for the next day. I've been learning a lot about the Gospel and myself quite a bit. 

One thing that has really helped me was reading Mosiah 7:29. I was kind of passively reading this in my morning study, when the phrase, "hedging up their ways" and "stumbling block" caught my attention. "For behold, the Lord hath said: I will not succor my people in the day of their transgression; but I will hedge up their ways that they prosper not; and their doings shall be as a stumbling block before them."  These stumbling blocks aren't placed in our lives so we can fall and fail. They are here to get us on our knees when we trip over them, that we can remember Father is there and that we need His help.

I'm out of time for this update, but know that I love and pray for you all, always. You are very special to me, and I hope you know that. Thank you so much for the continued love and support. Every bit means the world to me.

I love you!!
Elder Kennington

Some extra Q&A from this week:

Q:  Where did that plaid shirt come from (he sent a picture last week I couldn't forward in which he is wearing a plaid shirt I had never seen before, with birthday cake goo on his face. Since it was kind of a weird pic I did not post it here):
A:  That is the nightgown that I've got ...  :):)
(Remember from the MTC when he talked about ribbing another elder in his district about his nightshirt? The elder's grandmother made one for Owen and another elder and sent them to them)

Q:  Did the raw batter make you sick?

Q:  Are you warm enough at night? Do you need warmer pj's? 
A:  I'm perfect, thank you so much! The nights here are great. Most of the time it rains all night.

Q:  Christmas wish list?
A:  Will mail it to you through snail mail. :) Oh. If you want to send me packages, never use UPS. They never make it. Always use the USA postal system, it is the best. Would you mind sending word out? (Now you know!)

Q:  How od you get to Zitacuaro for shopping? 
A:  We take a rickety bus that sounds like it is going to fall apart if we run over a penny. Haha. I love it. Will tell more in my next letter.

Q:  Where do you use a computer to email home? How long are you supposed to have for emailing?
A:  I use a computer in Zitacuaro. And we have one hour total for email. :) (Some of that is needed for emailing his mission president each week to report on their work)

This is Crisanto! :D

 My birthday cake. :):):):):):):) The hermanas here are fantastic!! (Mom: I knew this couldn't be the cake batter because there is no way candles would be upright in it...)

 This is my nightgown. :D

 Found this waterfall near San Bartolo. If all goes well I will be able to baptize in it. :):)

 Visited a pyramid today. I am the one furthest to the left. I think you can zoom in and actually see me, if you like. :)

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