Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Finding Everything But Sleep

Well, this week was chalk full of just about everything!

We spent about an hour a day this week working with one of our golden investigators, who is about sixteen years old, so she could be baptized this Sunday. It was great! She was wide open to everything we had to offer, and was learning loads. She called her mom at the beginning of the week to obtain permission to be baptized, and it was all great. Sunday morning her mom called and gave a stone-cold "no" for her answer. Ouch. I hope that when she turns 18 her desire to be baptized still burns. She is an incredible young woman, who would be an incredibly strong member. Fortunately she can still attend church and everything else, so things are looking up.

We also had a huge surprise this week. Remember the town drunks that I mentioned earlier, named Jesus and Moses? Well, we haven't seen Moses for a while, despite our extensive efforts to look for him. It came to Saturday morning and we found him at his house. He had read the pamphlet we left him about the Word of Wisdom a week before, and had quit alcohol immediately afterwards. One week completely without it. We are so excited! He wants to be baptized, and we are thinking that he can be so in about two weeks!!

We found three new families this week, had an all new record church attendance of 21, and contacted everybody in sight.

And I got transferred yesterday. I must admit I felt like my heart was being torn in two when we were leaving my little Crescencia Morales...

I am now in the heart of Toluca, Mexico State.  It is a night and day difference!! We have warm water, the apartment is medium sized, and we even have a WalMart within a five minute walk of our house. Holy cow!! I am having a huge culture shock all over again. :) Haha.

My new companion, Elder Medina, is great. I love him already. He is from the Dominican Republic, with fifteen more days in the mission than me. Sheesh.  My "mama" is just barely older than I am. :) I am really excited to be working with him. He is a fireball of energy and excitement about the work.

I am out of time for today, so I will wrap up by saying thank you all for your prayers, love, and support. I love you so much!

Elder Kennington

This week's Quick Q&A
Q:  Another missionary from our ward is serving in Oaxaca, Mexico and experiences frequent earthquakes in his area. Does Owen notice any up where he is?
A:  No, I haven't...Dang. Sounds like things are really exciting where he is at!!

Q:  Any talk or preparation for Dia de los Muertos?
A:  Holy cow, everybody here is dying of excitement. Every store is packed with Halloween merchandise! It has taken great self control to not purchase any myself...

Q:  Where do you go for zone conferences?
A:  They are in my area, at a church building. They are fantastic!

Q:  Commodity you miss the most from home?
A:  Sleep. I have about eight hours for it every night, but have slept pretty badly almost every night in the mission..... :/ Tis ok though!!

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