Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Settling In In Toluca


This week was really good, and I learned a ton.

Firstly, my Spanish is finally starting to take off. I can understand most people without too much trouble now, and can easily contact people. 

Toluca is a completely different animal, when it comes to just about everything. Firstly, the people. Holy cow, are there a ton of people. And the people here are much more open to our message! We have many new investigators every day, and are hoping to see fruits from their growth very soon. The people here in Mexico really are incredible strong. What they have to deal with here is crazy. Life in Utah is a very sheltered one, in many ways. 

Secondly, Toluca itself. Busy. Very very busy. And the entire city is flat as all get out. Crescencia Morales was extremely mountainous, so this is a huge change. I'm not too sad that we are doing a bit less hiking to tell the truth; at least my legs are a bit happier... Haha. 

The church is big too. We have about seventy active members in this ward, and the bishop is sharp as a razor. To be frank I was a little afraid of him when I first met him because he was so focused and intense in his calling. I'm pretty certain I left my first meeting with him with my eyebrows singed because he is takes his responsibility as bishop very seriously. 

Elder Medina is fantastic. We get along great, are working hard and having a marvelous time doing so. We share many of the same interests, namely the computer games/tv shows/movies/etc, so a smile is never far away. He has just fifteen more days than me in the mission, so we are learning together, and we are both learning a ton. 

I'm starting to understand just how the members here view missionaries. It is an incredible feeling to make eye contact with a member, smile, and see them light up. Every person has something special to share, and these people are no exception. And they cannot wait to share whatever they have. The missionaries here are very very well taken care of. 

I am out of time for this week, so next week will be the week of stories. And I have many good ones from this area already. Six weeks here is not long enough. 

I love you all very much, and pray for you every day. Thank you so much for the love, letters, prayers, and support. I wouldn't be here without you.


Elder Kennington

Quick Q&A:
Q: Do you have to change your clocks back to Standard Time down there?
A: Yup! We had one extra hour to sleep one night. That was lovely. It is a bit of a problem now because every night it is dark around six and no one wants to talk after six.

Q: Did you have any special restrictions for Dia de los Muertos?
A: Nope! Just work as normal. We handed out candy to some of the kids while contacting their parents. That was great. :):)

Q: What is Toluca like? All big city?

Q: Did Elder Lanza stay in Crescencio Morales?
A: Yup. And he is training another elder, this time a latino.

Q: Have you heard from any of the other MTC elders you came out with?
A: Yeah! They are all having lots of success. Elder Lofgreen has had a couple baptisms.

Q: How's the language now?
A: The language is a little better. Still working on it. :)

Q: What do you know about your companion?
A: He loves League of Legends as well, and is from the Dominican Republic. His birthday is 17 November, and he is 18 right now. Haha. I am older than my mission momma. :)

Elder Medina and a ginormous monkey at a member's home.

Elder Medina, members, animals (live and stuffed...)

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