Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Adorable Four-Year-Old Gatekeepers

I don't have very much time today, so this will be brief.

We worked extremely hard this week, searching for people to teach and help. The problem that we are running into right now is that we have tons of contacts, and many first lessons, but we can never seem to nail down a second lesson with anyone, let alone helping them to come with us to church. Whenever we pass by for them the second time either no one answers the door, or a nervous four year old answers the door reciting "mom and dad aren't home and there isn't anyone else here. Thanks!" Adorable as the latter is, it is a little frustrating when we can see the mom peeking out at us through the upper window. :)

We are trying as hard as we can to learn and grow every day, identifying each night things that we can improve to be better missionaries. We have grown and learned a ton together, but simply our success isn't reflecting that right now. I am really excited for the day we can finally bring someone to the chapel who will light up like a bonfire when they take a hold of our message.

We had Stake Conference this week, which was really cool. They piped a live Conference in from Salt Lake City, where Sister Reeves, Elder Anderson, and a couple of the Seventy in Mexico spoke. It was slightly amusing because they didn't use for this, so Sister Reeves and Elder Anderson spoke in Spanish as best they could. Elder Anderson did great, only mixing up the words "holes" and "eyes," and reading the Spanish with a very French accent. :) But it was incredible too. He talked about sacrifice, and I am currently surrounded by people who often sacrifice everything to be a member of this church. One of my favorite concepts that he talked about is the fact that sometimes we have to sacrifice good things for better things, and these sorts of sacrifices take the most faith. A mission is exactly that sort of sacrifice, and definitely not just for the missionary himself.

Gotta run now...I love you all so much and think about you often, praying for you always.
Elder Kennington

Preguntas Mas Rapido (Very Quick Questions)
Q:  What was that black ribbony hat thing Elder Medina had on his head in the photo you sent a couple weeks ago?
A:  Ha ha. That was a hat from a four year old girl that is a part of a member family who fed us that day. Isn't he adorable?

Q:  Any animal encounters this week? Besides the stuffed variety?
A:  No animal encounters... Here in the concrete jungle the closest thing we have is drug addicts and drunks... :)

Q:  How does the financial situation of most members and people you meet there in Toluca compare with Crescencio Morales?
A:  Holy cow, so much more money. Some people here would be considered rich in the United States. It is a difference of black and white here. I miss my little pueblo. :)

Q:  What are the typical jobs people hold in your area?
A:  The kinds of jobs that you would find in any given American city, with more prostitutes and pornography artists....Also, every three houses in the street has a little shop that is like a mini gas station. :)

Elder Medina is trying to learn juggling with a couple of ill-fated oranges.

Looks like there wasn't any permanent damage from walking into that tree last week...

I found Dr. Pepper!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D (Mom note: I didn't know he even LIKED Dr. Pepper...)

Owen gets his cute legs from his dad. :)

Elder Medina doing laundry. We do all of ours by hand in this little thing.

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  1. Hello,
    looks like my previous comment got erased. Let me know if it's OK for me to post on this blog and if you can forward to Owen, or if you'd rather write some other place. Thank you!
    I really like reading his letters and love his pictures! He seems to be in good spirits in spite of some disappointments and close encounters with trees and... intestinal problems. Glad things are looking better! I loved reading about the blessing they gave to the old woman last week. He is already having more meaningful experiences in a couple of months that most people will have in a life time. And tell him not to get too discouraged: it took wonderful me 6 years to get baptized :) I might only have added 3 members on this side, but over 50 on the other! Lots of love. Aunt Cristina