Monday, January 12, 2015

Elder Kennington and the Sunday Miracle

Well, cannot believe that this is already the last P Day in this transfer. Time flies in the mission.

We worked really hard this week, and ended up only bringing one of our investigators to church. To tell the truth, Elder Thompson and I were really disappointed, because we had put in a ton of effort to bringing people to the chapel, coupled with much fasting and prayer.

As we sat down a little disanimated, we started the meeting as normal. And then one of our investigators walked in a little late. We hurredly made room for her in our row. Five minutes later another walked in.

Then another. 

In total we had only brought one investigator to church. And the Lord brought six more. And what is more, of this six we are working to get baptismal dates for this Sunday for three of them.

Miracles exist, and they come only when we work hard, trust in the Lord, and then wait on His timetable for them to appear. I love what Elder Holland once said: "Sometimes the blessings come now, others don't come for a while, and others may not even come in this life. But for the faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, they come." I testify this is true, and that it is always worth waiting it out to the end.

I gotta run now because we got to the internet cafe late today, but know that I love you. And more importantly, our Father in Heaven loves you. And if we stick it out to the end we will see Him, and join him in the realms above.

You are always in my prayers.

Elder Kennington

Preguntas Mas Rapido
Q: Did the ward or city do anything special for Three Kings Day this past week? 
A: No, aside from working super hard and bringing seven of our investigators to church this week. :):):)

Q: Were you able to resolve anything with your camera and its memory card? Please get yourself a couple of backups at Walmart. Also, please consider uploading everything you can to your DropBox for safekeeping.
A: I will do so, certainly. Thank you so much for the camera. It has been great!!

Q: What do you use for keeping your part in your hair?
A: A brand of gel called EGo.... I must admit I am looking forward to getting rid of the stuff after the mission. I have always felt a little gross with hair loaded with gel. :)

Q: Any fun language gaffes for the week?
A: I slipped up and tried saying that another elder was a great guy with some members but ended up sounding really gay by saying that I liked him (en me gusta ese Elder...) :p

Q: Do you think you are getting transferred next week?
A: Yeah... The elders here have not stayed more than two changes in a long long time, and I now have almost two changes here. Kinda sad, to tell the truth. I have enjoyed my time here immensely.

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