Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Elder Kennington Stays in Toluca

Time is super short today but there is way way way too much to say. 

First off: ELDER THOMPSON AND I ARE STAYING TOGETHER ONE MORE CHANGE HERE IN UNIVERSIDAD. Yup. This will be my third change here and we are going to blow it out of the water. We already have five more possibities for baptisms over the next few weeks. :):) 

And talking of baptisms, we had another one yesterday! Her name is Veronica. She is good, with a lot of questions. She has really struggled with family for a while because she is unmarried without kids, and her mom has basically rejected her existence. When we told them about the ward family thing that the church really has going for it, that is really what got her attention. 

 The worldwide community of the church is really truly incredible. It has, does, and will continue to change lives. 

That is all for now. Life here is fantastic. The mission is the best. Holy cow. Gotta run! I love you all so much!! 

 Elder Kennington 

Preguntas Mas Rapido 
Q:  I just read on FB from a friend who is hosting some Brazilian exchange students and discovered they were not flushing their used tp because at home in Brazil they don’t flush toilet paper due to poor sewage system. There were a huge number of comments about how common this is worldwide, including Mexico. Have you run across this yet? 
A:   Yup... It's... Different... :) I can confirm firsthand that they do it here too. 

Q:  Have you found the stickie notes we left in all of your books? 
A:  Yes. :) They make me super happy. I have stuck them all in the back of my English Preach My Gospel. :) 

Q:  Liam wants to know know if you've encountered any more drunk guys. 
A:  Encountering drunk guys is a daily occurance here... We avoid them from the most part. There is one that doesn't seem to believe us when we say that we don't have any money, because he approaches us every two days. :) 

Q:  Liam also wants to know what happened to Moses and Jesus from your first area. 
A:  GUESS WHAT?! Moses got baptized a few weeks ago and Jesus is taking the lessons. They have changed drastically. Moses is one of the most faithful members in that area now. :D

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