Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Setbacks and Inspiring Successes

This week was good. 

 Yesterday we had a baptism scheduled. Her name is Marta, and she is this wonderful little grandmother whom we have really grown to love. We visited her Saturday night and she was really excited to get baptized and become a member of this church. And then her pastor came over that night after our visit. Convinced her that everything we had taught her was wrong, and that she was foolish for even listening to us in the first place. Just destroyed everything we had built with her. We took it really hard. But it's not over yet. We are going to see if we can save the situation this week. The Adversary really doesn't want this powerful woman in the church. But it wasn't all hard yesterday. 

We also had the confirmation of Veronica, which was really exciting! She sacrificed a lot to become a member, including her relationship with the only person she had before, her mother. Her mother tried doing the same thing that the pastor did to Marta, but Veronica resisted, and her mother just ended up completely abandoning her. Even though she is 30, she has no one else. Not a husband, kid, friend, boyfriend, or anything. ... And she chose the church. She is going to do some big things. 

And that was this week! We worked like madmen trying to find new people to bring to the church and to the fulness of the truth. President Whitehead has set a goal for the month of March and the month of April. 500 baptism as a mission in each month. We are going to have to work really hard to meet it, but we are very excited. Because if President set the goal, then it is possible to meet. 

 That is all I have time for now. I am very excited for this week and all the blessings and miracles that it holds. Elder Thompson and I are both really excited to realize them. I love you all so much. Hope that you all doing well, and having an excellent week. 

Elder Kennington 

Preguntas Mas Rapido
Q:  Do you still regularly eat with members for your midday meal? 
A:  Yes. Haha. The other day I had chicken feet... Here they eat the whole thing, not just the little pad on the bottom of the foot. :) 

Q:  Has Elder Thompson gotten you to eat oatmeal yet? 
A:  Nope!! I am still unscathed, basking in my ramen. ;) 

Q:  What do the members there do for fun/entertainment? 
A:  They watch soccer, watch movies, and talk. Pretty normal things, actually! There are a few that love shopping too. 

Q:  Bronwyn wants to know if your favorite color is still purple? 
A:  Yes!!! And white and gold. :) 

Q:  Bronwyn wants to know if you've gotten any marriage proposals or anything like that. 
A:  No, but in the last week I had three different gays flirt with me. The last one is quite the story.... We were in a lavanderia for washing our clothes and these two guys walked in, and one started flirting with me. When they left to grab some clothes Elder Thompson and I made our escape. Apparently they came back the next day trying to figure out where I live and how they could contact us. "where to that guano [handsome guy] live? He could preach the word of God to me aaaany day..." in a really seductive voice... :p 

Q:  Who are some of the members you've gotten to know well? 
A:  Hermana Hilda and her family, la familia Montoya, y el obispo. [and the bishop]

One pic to share this week, thanks to Elder Thompson who has a functioning memory card in his camera. At least he looks like he's got enough blankets for the chilly nights...

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