Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Elder Kennington and the Bucket of Miracles

This week was really good, really hard, and, above all, really building. 

We struggled a lot with being disanimated this week, just from sheer tiredness and stress. We did splits with the Zone Leaders a lot, dashing all over Toluca and the surrounding areas without being able to work much in our area, making bringing our investigators to church quite the trick. :) 

It came to Saturday and both Elder Thompson and I were really struggling with having the energy and sheer willpower to continue working like we need to. We got to the church at about four o' clock in the afternoon to meet with the bishop of another ward to talk about some of the people that we were teaching who had family who lived in his area. We walked in the first people we saw were the bishop and his wife from Elder Thompson's last ward, so he was really excited and wandered off to talk with them a bit. 

I kind of meandered around looking for something to do and then the stake president and his wife from ZITACUARO walked around the corner, almost running me over. I was so excited! It had been months since I had seen them and they were very happy to see me. We talked for a while about how things were back in Crescencia Morales. The tiny ward there has grown, having seen a few baptisms. Like Moses, the town drunk for example!! :D 

When the other bishop walked in and talked with us, and that went down well. We built some trust with the other ward and hope to see some more stake coordination result from it.

 And then this young woman walked in. Her name is Elizabeth, and she was about 17 years old. She has been coming to church for about six years, alone, and has a testimony that nearly burns down the buildings she is in. She is a powerhouse. And she isn't baptized, as we learned that day. We invited her, and got out the baptismal date for the 15th this month. 

Miracles exist, and the Lord just dumped out a bucket of them on our heads this week. 

Like with Marta. There is still a lot of hope with her. We spent a good deal of time with her yesterday, building her faith in Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, finally building it to the point to where she felt the need to pray about them sincerely, thus putting everything in the hands of the Lord. 

Which I am continually learning are the best hands in existence. 

That about wraps it up for this week. Thank you all for your love and support. Hope that everything is ok back at the ranch, and that hope is constantly growing and being found. I love you all so much. 

Elder Kennington 

Oh. And I kind of complete six months in the mission this week. Not freaking out at all. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Preguntas Bien Rapidito

Q:  Am I even saying that right (“preguntas mas rapido” = “really quick questions”)? 
A:  Es "preguntas bien rapidito" :) 

Q:  What was the hardest thing you did all week? 

A:  Working through a lot of the desanimo that struck this week. I don't know why but a few days this week I felt like I was wading through gel. But the Lord helped us out and we found many people anyway. :)

Q:  Did you get to visit with Marta again? 

A:  YES! We worked really hard with her last night, doing our best to help her understand how to build a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. This is not over yet with her. 

Q:  What is going on with your feet? Bronwyn said you have huge blisters on your heels and soles? 

A:  Haha, yeah... My heel and ankles are pure blisters just by virtue of how much we walk. I have taken to using the boots when my feet hurt, and they have been a huge blessing. They are like two clouds for my little happy feet. :) 

Q:  What is the most fun thing you’ve done this week? 

A:  TODAY ELDER THOMPSON AND I BLEW BUBBLES FOR HOURS. And we found out that we are airbenders, in that we could manipulate the bubbles into doing awesome things. :):) Haha. That, and we have taken to playing slugbug here to keep us animated. You would not believe how many bugs are here...

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