Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Elder Kennington On Bottle-Feeding the Scriptures

    This week was the fastest one yet... Eesh... We didn't actually have P Day today because of a really important conference about the upcoming months. Little time to write...

     Time really is flying here in Mexico. I cannot believe that I have been four and a half months here in Toluca. And odds are that I might stay one more change here. We will find out this Saturday! 

    We worked very hard this week trying to get our investigators really going on the pathway to conversion. One that we are teaching is super great. Her name is Xochitl, which is an awesome name, I must say. It is Mayan, and I still have yet to ask her what it means exactly. She is a mom with one daughter that lives there with her and a husband who is rather apathetic towards everything that is not peso or beer related. But she is wonderful. She loves coming to church, and actually has family that lives in Indiana that are members, which is why she let us in in the first place. 

   One of the biggest struggles that we have is helping people here to accept the Book of Mormon as another volume that contains the word of God. They practically have the Bible rolled up and fed to them in their baby bottle when they are born, and so helping them to feel the same way about the Book of Mormon is quite a challenge. I have had the priviledge of having basically the same treatment since I was a baby, until the point where I was able to develop an auto-sufficient testimony of that wonderful book. 

   We love teaching about it however, especially with Xochitl. She is enamored with a lot of what we teach (except for the Word of Wisdom... She loves her coffee :) )... (for those who aren't members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Word of Wisdom is revelation from a prophet that explains about five basic things that we should not partake of: alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, various teas, and coffee. If you have any questions there are missionaries and members that live close to you, I guarantee it. :) ) When we shared Joseph Smith's First Vision she was 100 percent attentive and into every thing that was going on. She truly is wonderful. 

    Aside from that, that is what has been going down here in Mexico! Things are great. I love the mission. The church is true. I love you all. 

Elder Kenningon 

    To Sister Thompson: Thank you for the fun little gifts that you sent me through your package to Elder Thompson. I had forgotten just how good Slim Jims are. :) 

    I also got a package from Mr. and Mrs. Clark that has some particularly gorgeous ties. I am using the red one tomorrow. They made my day. I have the best friends and family. :) 

 Preguntas Bien Rapidito 

Q:  What is your mission president like? How much contact do you have with him? 
A:  He is very good. Very humble. And very very inspired. I don't have a lot of one-on-one contact with him, but from what I have had I am very grateful for the opportunity that I have to have him as mission president. From what I have gathered, he is very close friends with Elder Holland, among others of the Apostles. Talk about friends in high places! 

Q:  When is the next transfer? 
A:  No idea.... We find out this Saturday what is going down on that front. Odds are good that I might actually stay here in University one more change, because we have a huge need for good district leaders in the mission, and Elder Thompson is one of the best. 

Q:  Who are you currently teaching? 
A:  We are teaching Lirio, the little sister of Jairo, Raquel, another grandma who loves us to pieces, Raul, who still can't seem to decide if he really really wants to get baptized with us but decides to come to church when we stop visiting him, and a few new investigators who we are going to go teach for the first time today. 

Q:  What is your favorite thing about your apartment? Least favorite? 
A:  Our apartment is good sized; not puny but not huge either. It is nice, and it lets in a ton of sun. The only sad thing? It is all tile floor with cement walls, so it is FREEZING in the mornings. :) 

Q:  Have you put your sheets on your bed yet? (yeah, I saw that you didn’t put them on in a pic Sister Thompson sent me of you via Elder Thompson…) 
A:  uuuummmmmm aaaaaahhhhhh uuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm...... Yes. I am going with 'yes' .... :P THEY ARE GOING ON TONIGHT I PROMISE!

Fun graffiti:  The tree is real, but the branches are painted.

The amazing University District:

A luchador mask that another Elder gave me for Valentines Day. :) It makes me feel powerful. I almost wanted to sleep in it. :) 

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