Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Elder Kennington and the Pizza Eating Competition

Buenas tardes!

I am feeling great!! Actually, a little strange. We had a competition with a couple elders from the district today... I ate a whole Little Caesars pizza, four breadsticks, and a liter of soda in 17 minutes... :P Haha. My feet are great. I have loved those boots we bought. To quote Nigel from Psych, "[they] feel like angel babies, swaddled in a cloud" haha. :) 

This week was really good, and quite the emotional rollercoaster. The recent convert that I talked about last week has really dived off the deep end, deciding he is atheist. It will take some work, but he will come back to the fold. We are not worried. Just very disappointed. 

 But we have learned from the experience. We are going to do a much better job of helping our investigators be prepared for the inevitable trials and tribulations that the Adversary will throw at them when they start on the path of become members of the church of Jesus Christ. One thing that I have been working on and have learned is the importance of conversion. It doesn't matter if someone gets baptized and they are not converted, for if they are not converted we, as missionaries, are not laying up good store for the Lord. Our job is to build the foundations of Zion in our respective missions, but if the bricks that we are laying are made from sandstone, then we are doing only a shadow of what we need to. 

 Baptism will come from conversion, but conversion won't necessarily come from baptism. 

Talking of which, we had the confirmation of Alejandro yesterday, and it was very powerful. We all felt the Spirit and he is very excited to continue learning and growing in the church. He has come a long ways, from some of the darkest paths of life, and is very excited to continue in this path. He feels like at last he has found the way in which he needs to and is capable of changing. We are so happy for him! 

I am out of time and gotta run, but thank you all so much for writing me. If I don't respond to an email or miss writing some of you, know that the neglect is never, ever intentional. I love you all so very much and pray for you daily. Take care! 

Elder Kennington 

Preguntas Bien Rapidito
Q:  What do you do to pick yourself back up when you feel discouraged? 
A:  It depends. Usually it is just the little hungry grumpies, so I go buy a little 300 ml Coke or something (by the way, Coke down here is AMAZING. Won't touch any junk food for years when I get home...), say a prayer, and try to remember the people. Usually when I start getting disanimated it is because I have forgotten about the people and started thinking about myself. 

Q:  What do you still need to do/get in the way of clothing? (These are so Mom-type questions) 
A:  A few more socks, a pair of pants, and one new shirt. Got a new suit which looks super studly. :) 

Q:  Have you learned to do any Mexican cooking there? 
A:  I have tried, but people here in Toluca are super closed off, and they don't talk that easily. I have however, learned how to make real tortillas from scratch. More to follow. :) 

Q:  Are there any ethnic restaurants there in Toluca? I don’t know if I can picture a Chinese restaurant in Mexico… 
A:  Actually, there is a Japanese restaurant in our area. To be frank I am way to scared to even think of trying it. I have seen how the fish that they serve there look as they are going in, and it looks like they scraped fish-shaped garbage off of the highway. ... Eesh... O.o

This is what our area normally looks like. It is very beautiful, in its own way.

Elder Thompson reveals his Spiderman alter ego.

The new suit!  

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