Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cold Feet Doesn't Mean What You Think

This last week was really good.

First off we had two baptisms that have been a long time in the making. The other two sisters of Giselle (who got baptized last week) made it for this week, and they were very excited. We were very worried, as we didn't even see one of them throughout this week (because she is a little bit rebelious and spends all day out in the street with her boyfriend), but she got to church on her own and held true to her goal to get baptized today. I cannot express how excited I am!

This week we are going to spend a lot of our time with Christian, one of our other really good investigators. He has a lot of potential in the church, and has changed a lot. He comes from a past full of drugs and all sorts of other nasty stuff, but is turning everything around. He has a job, has cold turkeyed all of his addictions, and is doing very well. We are hoping that he keeps progressing and doing well. He has also said that he is very interested in getting baptized. I think we can help out with that. :)

We are also going to spend a lot of time helping the Elders (who have a huge family getting baptized this Sunday), and the Hermanas (who are really struggling with finding anyone that will listen and progress). This is an extremely good district, full of powerful missionaries, and I am very grateful to be have the priveledge of being able learn from such phenomenal missionaries.

Elder Fjerstad and I are doing great. I would love to spend more than just one change with him. We are working really well together, doing our best to follow the Spirit and be in the right place at the right time, so as to have a better advantage against the adversary.

The ward is also doing very well. We are trying hard to work with the bishopric, and they are very cooperative, but the rest of the ward leaders are proving to be a bit of a trial. A few are only interested in being "seen of men," not willing to help us out our even put us in contact with willing members from their organizations. My companion and I are looking for ways to serve them to try and see if that helps.

Thank you so much for all that you do! I love you all, and pray for you every day.
Elder Kennington

P.S.  The floor is really cold in the chapel, being tile. So I saw fit to wear my boots. I almost considered baptizing in them...    :) Elder Fjerstad is a stud!

Preguntas Bien Rapidito 
Q:  Can you get the following at your local Walmart? Just put Y or N next to each item 
 a. Bisquick, Krusteaz, or some other just-add-water pancake mix si 
 b. maple syrup or fruit syrup si 
 c. fresh eggs you trust si 
 d. frozen orange juice concentrate si 
 e. bacon you trust si 
 f. yogurt, and do you like yogurt any more si y no el yogurt de Mexico me destruyo... :P 
 g. I am thinking of depositing money in your checking account so you can buy locally the ingredients for a yummy Christmas morning breakfast. What do you think? Estaria genial. Hay muchisima comida aca. :) Ojala que me quedo hasta la navidad. 
[It would be great. There's plenty of food here. :) Hopefully I'll stay until Christmas.]

Q:  What are the chances of you being transferred out of Toluca and away from Walmart before Christmas?
A:  son buenos. Porque todavia son dos cambios despues de este hasta la navidad. Vamos a ver. Me gustaria quedarme por lo menos un cambio mas. 
[are good. Because they are still two changes after this until Christmas. We'll see. I would like to stay at least one more change.]

Q:  Is the district leader position one that tends to keep you in place for a change or two? I mean, is it more likely you will stay in Toluca/Haciendas for at least one more change because you are district leader?
A:  Mas o menos. eso aplica mas a los lideres de zona 
[More or less. That applies more to leaders of area]

Q:  Do you need any new Christmas violin music to get ready?
A:  SI! O Come o Come Emmanuel, o Carol of the Bells. No se. Una o dos ideas estaria perfecto. 
[YES! O Come O Come Emmanuel, or Carol of the Bells. I dont know. One or two ideas would be perfect.]

Q:  Kyle Thompson mentioned something about a brother there giving you a suit? Details?
A:  Jaja si habia un hermano en mi barrio cuando estaba en las oficinas que vio que mi traje estaba algo destruido. Este hermano es super rico (la semana pasada visito a 4 o 5 paises nada mas porque quiso visitar a un amigo...) y me regalo una. :):)
[Haha There was a brother in my neighborhood when I was in the office he saw that my suit was destroyed. This brother is super rich (visit last week to 4 or 5 countries just because a friend wanted to visit ...) and gave it to me.]

Junta with the ward mission leader, who was sick that day...

Elder Fjerstad being tired

The ward mission leader


One morning I woke up to somebody lifting up the mattress. The bed moved, trapping me in between the wall and the mattress in a mound of blankets. Looking up I saw a camera and a crazed look on Elder Fjerstad's face: "Let's go EXERCISE! " :D. I responded by going back to sleep.

I got revenge that night as Elder Fjerstad was reliving his childhood and blowing bubbles with his gum. I chucked a lid at the bubble. Twas hilarious. :)

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