Friday, October 2, 2015

New Companion Old Friend


Phew. Got that out.

 It has been a pretty crazy few days!! For starters, Elder Puca and I had a couple of baptisms yesterday! We are so excited for them, and the covenants that they have made with God. Firstly was Alejandra. She was prepared so well by the Lord. She cried as she was walking out of the baptismal font she felt so powerfully the Spirit. Before the baptismal service I was giving her a tour of the stake center (where the baptism was being held), and showed her the baptismal font. She took one look at it and said that she had seen it several days before in a dream, and that she knew that she was where God wanted her to be. She is wonderful.

The other baptism was Cristina, the woman that is the wife of a member. She almost didn't get baptized! She had so many doubts and fears, and they were beginning to paralyze her. But she made it through, and also is so very grateful for the decision she made. We saw a lot of help from the Lord as we testified and helped her to understand for what reason we get baptized and how it is a demonstration of the love that we have for our Heavenly Father. ...

 And then came changes.

 Elder Puca is now in D.F., working by Cuajimalpa. His companion is still a little fresh, with about 4 months in the field.

 I stayed.

Do you remember my district from the MTC? Do you remember one of the Elders in that district that I was friends with in Middle School? Elder Fjerstad? Yup. We are companions. SCORE!! I am so excited for this change! It is going to be incredible!!

We have a lot of great people for this change. It is going to be full of learning curves and twists and bends, but it will be incredible. I can hardly wait to begin. :):)

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and for all that you do. I love you all so very much! Have an incredible week!

Elder Kennington

P.S.  My birthday was awesome. There were several members and investigators that had bought me cake, and it was an incredibly successful day in terms of finding new investigators.

Preguntas Bien Rapidito
Q: Did you get to see the Super Moon last night?
A: Dang. I was inside scrubbing the bathroom floor. Almost as cool. :) Haha. Loved the photos!

Q: Who are you most looking forward to hearing at General Conference?
A: I can't wait to find out about the three new apostles!!! I am also looking for a lot of guidance. I just got a whole new slew of responsabilities this change and I am wondering how the Lord wants be to complete with all that I am doing right now.

Q: How many sessions do you think you will get to see? Live? Re-broadcast?
A: I will get to see all of them. Were this not the case Elder Kennington would throw a hissy fit and then start his own church. :);)

Q: What was the kindest thing you noticed all week?
A: There is an incredible family here (our ward mission leader, la Familia Santillan). They are phenomenal. I have never met members normales that are more dedicated to the work of the Lord. They are one of the big driving forces here. I guess that each little act that they do to help us out isn't too huge, but the sum total of everything they do is staggering. They are always ready to give us food if the food appointment falls through, they are always ready to give us rides and come with us to our appointments to bear testimony... And they love us. I feel like they are the closest thing I have to local parents right now. I love them so much. :) Almost as much as my own incredible parents. :):)

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